Our Philosophy


The challenges that exist in Emergency Medical Services can be overwhelming, and they often extend beyond what you see on the ambulance or out in the field. EMS is a dynamic profession, incorporating a variety of service delivery models in both the Ambulance and Fire Service industries. No matter the formation of your organization, success is only realized as a product of your ongoing efforts. Managing an EMS organization requires focus, skill, a strong vision for the future, and the unyielding dedication necessary to achieve your mission.


As an established provider of EMS services, you know the challenges you face better than anyone. Is your organization prepared for the challenges ahead? Where will your organization be in the next five years? How will you thrive in the dynamic Public Safety environment?


The EMS Advisory Group is a team of dedicated professionals who have years of real-world industry and management experience. We offer tools and solutions to help you enhance your existing organization, or prepare for your next opportunity. As your partner, we can help you to accomplish your mission, or position you to achieve your organization’s vision for the future.



Our Approach


Our consultants have lived life from the cab of an ambulance, just like you. We know how hard you work to manage an EMS organization, and to serve your community. Our consultants are here to support your organization as you navigate the challenges of the evolving EMS industry. Overall, the services offered by the EMS Advisory Group are designed to help you to achieve a highest level of success. As your partner, we can help you create the future of EMS in the healthcare industry. 


The EMS Advisory Group Inc. assists Emergency Medical Services organizations achieve their goals by identifying recommendations and strategies for business and operational activities. To accomplish this mission, we offer consulting services that provide assessments against established industry best-practices and standards, as well as resources and tools to support the future success of our customer’s organizations.


As a cornerstone of our business, the EMS Advisory Group offers a suite of monthly performance reports, to support your organization in understanding and managing your fiduciary responsibilities. We also offer a baseline assessment, often used as an entry-level tool to provide your organization with an understanding of how well you perform against common industry benchmarks. The assessment evaluates performance in governance, management, fiscal management, service delivery, operational performance, and long-term strategy. This insight will enable the customer to better identify competitive positioning, internal stability, and capability to execute on any future strategy or goals.


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