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The challenges that exist in Emergency Medical Services can be overwhelming, and they often extend beyond what you see on the ambulance or out in the field. EMS is a dynamic profession, incorporating a variety of service delivery models in both the Ambulance and Fire Service industries. No matter the formation of your organization, success is only realized as a product of your ongoing efforts. Managing an EMS organization requires focus, skill, a strong vision for the future, and the unyielding dedication necessary to achieve your mission.


As an established provider of EMS services, you know the challenges you face better than anyone. Is your organization prepared for the challenges ahead? Where will your organization be in the next five years? How will you thrive in the dynamic Public Safety environment? 


The EMS Advisory Group can help you reach your goals, through our broad range of services. Click any of the services below to learn more about how we can help you.

Operations & 
Service Delivery

Operational performance is often viewed as a primary indicator of the health of your organization, and the efectiveness of your leadership team. The EMS Advisory Group can provide you with a detailed assessment of your management and service delivery, along with recommendations on how to build upon the current efficiencies of your EMS operation. 

Baseline Assessments

Our Baseline Assessment process can help your organization understand how you compare to common industry benchmarks and best practices. This  assessment can be used as an entry-level tool that provides insight into performance in governance and leadership, management, funding streams and fiscal management, service delivery, operational performance, and long-term strategy. 

Business and Financial Strategies

No longer can a successful EMS organization rely on the generosity of the community to support its operations. To be successful, EMS organizations must be operated competently as a business. The EMS Advisory Group can provide assessments of your current business performance and strategies, as wel as insight into the business performance necessary to support your vision and the long-term success of your organization.  

Leadership, Management, and Personnel

Leading an organization and managing personnel can be a challenge. Assembling, managing, and retaining a highly skilled and competent workforce can be a difficult and time-consuming process. The EMS Advisory Group can help you identify strategies to develop your team so that your organization can reach its maximum potential. 

Governmental, Municipal, and Contractual Services

The EMS Advisory Group offers services to assist in the relationship between the EMS organization and local municipal or governmental organizations, so as to achieve the highest compliance with regulations while also assuring accountable and reliable service delivery. We also provide consultation on how to engage your community, and maximize the relationship you maintain with hose your organization serves.


Tools for Taking the Next Step

Our consultation can help an EMS organization identify a strong strategic plan to achieve their desired goals, and our team can provide project management to aid in executing on new or existing strategy. Our consultants can also offer training services to EMS organizations, providing insight into ethical and compliant EMS organization operation, and the development of personnel for future leadership roles. 


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