Baseline Assessments


The EMS Advisory Group offers an assessment of our customer's baseline organizational performance. This assessment provides your organization with an understanding of your performance today, in comparison to organizational goals and common industry benchmarks. This insight will enable your organization to better identify strengths and weaknesses in efficiency, sustainability, competitive positioning, and capability to execute on any future strategy or goals.


Every organization understands how well they perform from an insider’s perspective. Your organization is likely doing well, and your successes may seem obvious. However, there may still be opportunities for improvement to help generate future success. Or, you may want to better understand the current capability of your organization, before executing on your next big opportunity. If this is the case, an external perspective is important.


The EMS Advisory Group can provide you with an baseline assessment, to show you how your organization performs against common benchmarks. The process is simple; our team will meet with your key stakeholders, to develop an understanding of your organization. We will ask questions about governance and leadership, management, funding streams and fiscal management, service delivery, operational performance, the emergency services system you work within, and your long-term strategy. Once we have gathered this information, we will provide you with our assessment of where your organization stands in comparison to your goals, as well as common industry benchmarks used by others in your market. 


Understanding how your organization compares against these markers will provide you with a new perspective on your current competitive position, as well as the level of stability your organization holds to execute upon any strategic plans or initiatives. Most importantly, the results of this assessment will be a tool that your organization can use as a catalyst for creating sustainable success in the future.