Business and Financial Strategies


A successful EMS organization operates as a business. The EMS Advisory Group can develop assessments of your current business performance and strategies, and provide insight into the business performance necessary to support your vision and the long-term sustainability of your organization. 

Business Performance Assessments


Making ends meet is becoming a very difficult task in the EMS industry. Changing regulations, insurance and reimbursement issues, and the increasing cost of business plague organizations of all types and size. Each of the many financial difficulties we face is interlinked; each dragging the other further down. How can your organization see through the challenges to meet your mission in the future? And if you solve the immediate issues so that you can operate, how will you have any cash left over to take on new ambitions? The EMS Advisory Group can offer you assessments of your financial performance. We can review reimbursement rates and billing performance, secondary revenue streams, and other activities such as fund drives to provide you with an objective assessment of your financial well-being. We can also offer strategies to help create cost-savings and improve how far your limited dollars can take you. 


Risk and Compliance Assessments


As regulations change, it can be hard to keep up with the most current expectations your organization must meet in order to avoid legal issues, and to receive optimal reimbursements. The EMS Advisory Group offers a simple assessment of your compliance activities, which can help your organization identify areas of risk, and also will help you to understand how effective your compliance efforts are. 

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