Operations and Service Delivery


Operational performance is an important indicator of the effectiveness of your management, and the health of your organization. Service Delivery statistics can be subjective, yet are often the most sought metrics an organization may be asked to present to local governmental organizations, the community, and within your own ranks. However, effective performance is about more than the most recent response statistics. 

Performance, Planning, & Modeling


There are many common operational metrics which can be used to identify performance trends and improve the efficiency of your operation. The EMS Advisory Group offers a suite of monthly performance reports which your organization can use to manage operations. Monthly reports include:

  • Statistical response time reliability

  • Call coverage

  • Call distribution and mutual-aid utilization by time of day

  • Unit-hour-utilization

  • Mutual-aid planning and performance

  • Billing revenue analysis and trending

  • Budget vs. Actual analysis relative to operations performance

System Studies, Analysis, & Design


What level of care does your organization provide? Are you able to meet the needs of your community and achieve your mission as you do business today? A review of how your organization fits within the local system may be helpful, so you can deploy the right levels of service in the most efficient manner. The EMS Advisory Group can help you understand the factors within your service area that influence system performance, and assist you in structuring your service delivery to meet your current deliverables. We can also help you to identify unmet needs in your service area, and make recommendation on future opportunities for your business. 

Organizational Management Audits


To help your organization understand the performance of your operations as a whole, the EMS Advisory Group can offer assessments and reviews of the following areas:

  • Management Structure

  • Staffing Composition and Management

  • Medical Oversight and Quality Assurance

  • Service Delivery

  • Operational Accountability

  • Equipment and Physical Plant

  • Training and Preparedness