Leadership, Management, and Personnel


Emergency Services Managers understand that leading volunteers and employees can be more challenging than managing all of their other business activities. Assembling, managing, and retaining a highly skilled and competent workforce can be a difficult and time-consuming process. The EMS Advisory Group can help you identify strategies to develop your team, so that your organization can reach its maximum potential. 

Leadership Development & Team Building

For an EMS organization to be successful, all of the professionals must function as a team. The EMS Advisory Group can offer an assessment of your organization’s team dynamic, and provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses. We can offer strategies for increasing the cohesive function of your organization, and insight into benchmarks you should monitor over time. We can also assist you in establishing strategies to develop current and future leaders within your organization, to promote a more consistent and reliable leadership team. 

Volunteer and Career Staffing Integration

Combination departments are becoming a standard model across the country. As volunteer and career professionals work together more frequently, there is a potential for conflict. Concerns about inconsistent training or aptitude, equal representation, consistent performance expectations, or an imbalance between social issues and professional expectations can become debilitating to your organization if not addressed correctly. The EMS Advisory Group can help you to navigate integrating volunteer and career staff into the same service delivery model. Our approach will help you to create an effective workforce that respects the diversity of the group, without compromising the value of your roots or traditions as an organization.

Recruitment & Retention of the Right Team

We all know recruitment and retention can be difficult in EMS. It’s not just about getting people in the door though, is it? Recruiting and keeping those members of your team who make your organization great is important! The EMS Advisory Group can help you to establish strategies to assist in building a workforce to meet your current needs and future ambitions.

Policy and Procedure Development & Implementation

The EMS Advisory Group can review your existing policies and procedures, and make recommendation on areas that need further development. This can include updating or maturing existing manuals, or recommending new policies and procedures to match the current needs of your organization. We can also offer advice and strategy for how to implement new policies and procedures in a streamlined manner that avoids frustration and encourages follow-through. 

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