Governmental, Municipal, and Contractual Services


The EMS Advisory Group offers services to assist in the relationship between Emergency Services organizations and local municipal or governmental entities they serve. We also provide consultation on how to engage your community, and maximize the relationship you maintain with those your organization serves. Our approach will help you to maintain compliance with regulations while also assuring accountable and reliable service delivery. 

Governmental and Municipal Consulting

Evaluate service requirements, develop accountable systems that meet local need, create cost-effective solutions, evaluate and optimize current service delivery, and create stronger partnerships with municipalities and local service providers.

Contract Assessment and Negotiation

Contractual agreements between EMS service providers and local governments or municipalities can be complicated. Both parties agree that EMS service is necessary, but often both have different objectives and needs in executing a service agreement. If not managed properly, these contracts can create circumstances that complicate service delivery or make regulatory compliance difficult. Bringing both sides to the table to discuss these issues can resolve many problems. However, the discussion may be more efficient with someone there to advocate for the strongest, most accountable solution. The EMS Advisory Group can provide objective assessments of existing service agreements, or assist in contract negotiations.

Governmental Relations

Just as our local governments rely on our services as EMS professionals, we often need to rely on them for funding and support. The EMS Advisory Group can help you set strategy to represent your organization before local community leaders and governments, to make requests and justify them by portraying the value of your service, and to help the public understand and support you.

Community Relations and Partnerships

EMS is an important service in every community, and that need is universally recognized by both EMS providers and the communities they serve. However, most members of your community do not understand what you do! Most community members are influenced by their personal expectations, and the perceptions that are created about EMS through television and movie portrayals of our profession. Only a handful of those in your community will have first-hand experience with your organization, and unfortunately this experience may not always be positive. How will you address misconceptions, negative perceptions, or a general lack of knowledge about who you are?


Creating a positive image within your community, and educating those you serve about what you do is important. Marketing your service to your community, and promoting the value of what you do can have a huge impact on your success! Customer Satisfaction surveys, social media marketing and promotion, community engagement at events or open-houses, recruitment campaigns, organizational brochures and promotional pieces, and fund-drive events are all great strategies to help you engage your community, and create a stronger value-based partnership. The EMS Advisory Group offers services to help you develop these strategies.