Tools and Services to Help You Take the Next Step


A successful future builds upon the first step. Our team is prepared to help you develop the foundational strategy that is the first step toward your vision for the future. We offer tools and services that will give you the added bench strength necessary to reach your goals, and training to help you develop and prepare your personnel for the future. We are here to help you take that important first step, and many more along the way!

Strategic Planning


Every EMS organization plans to some level. Most spend their planning efforts solely on operations, such as how to get the ambulances on the road. However, strategic planning is an important part of your service delivery, and your longevity. Anticipating competition, regulations, changing community needs, and your organizations needs and dreams is critical to success. The EMS Advisory Group can help you plan for success in the future. We do this by identifying the obstacles of today, and helping you to navigate the inevitable growing pains you will encounter as you reach toward the future. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you plan for a successful tomorrow.

Project Management


Is your organization undertaking strategic initiatives, or routine activities that are inhibiting your ability to manage daily operations? Do you have a strategic plan that involves adding new priorities, but you lack the organizational depth to take action without risking your current performance? The EMS Advisory Group offers project management services to assist with the coordination of efforts within your organization to complete your next project. 


Training Services


Developing a successful EMS organization is a long-term process that requires an investment in your staff, and your leadership. Career and volunteer professionals at all levels can benefit from the opportunity to learn new industry-specific material, or refresh their current skills. The EMS Advisory Group offers the following training services:​

  • Ethics for the EMS Professional (Field and Workplace Ethics)

  • Principles of Leadership in EMS

  • Developing Talent within your Organization

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